Learn Hebrew, one phrase at a time

Learn Hebrew, One Phrase a dayWe are delighted to announce the launch of a new affiliated website: www.HebrewDailyPhrase.com.  The website’s goal is to increase your Hebrew vocabulary by introducing a new Hebrew word or phrase at a time. How is this website different than others?

To quote from www.HebrewDailyPhrase.com/about/

1. We do not focus on words but provide both words and phrases

2. The daily phrase/word is usually timely, e.g. it relates to the news, current events, holiday.

3. Whenever possible, we provide a picture as well.

If you stick with us for the long haul, in only five minutes every day you will enrich your Hebrew vocabulary considerably.

This week HebrewDailyPhrase focused on words and phrases related to the high holidays. You are invited to visit the website and enjoy.

Jewish New Year: word and symbols

Read about the Jewish New Year and its symbols in HebrewDailyPhrase.com

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