Changing the deeply rooted Arab hatred towards Israel and America

Deputy speaker of Hamas Parliament, Ahmad Bahr, calls for the annihilation of Jews and Americans.

Egyptian actors on candid-camera turn violent when told they are on Israeli TV.

Syrian-French writer blames Zionism of the Syrian conflict, the French revolution, and the ascent of Napoleon. Continue reading

Cologne court ruling that declared circumcision a crime, exercised against a German rabbi

Is Germany back to persecuting Jews?

According to the New York Times,

complaint filed against german rabbi performing Jewish circumcisionProsecutors in the Bavarian city of Hof said that a doctor had sought to file charges against a local rabbi for performing ritual circumcisions, citing the Cologne court’s ruling, the regional broadcaster BR reported on Tuesday. Continue reading

Making a difference – Fighting anti-Israel Sentiments in America

Reseach shows negative attitude towards Israel that can be reversed if we stand up for Israel and educate about Israel

Unless we stand up,speak out and reverse this trend, the next generation of American leaders – those who will assume power around the year 2020 – will not see Israel as an ally. They will see Israel as a burden – and one that may not be worth carrying. (America 2020: How the next generation views Israel, by Dr. Frank I. Luntz for The Israel Project) Continue reading

Israel will strike Iran if it must, but not quite yet

Nuclear Armed Iran is dangerous

Iran is close to be capabale of producing nuclear weapons

On June 7, 1981 Israel destroyed Iraq’s nuclear reactor. The reactor had less than a month to go before it became critical. On September 6. 2007, Israel destroyed Syria’s nuclear reactor weeks before it was ready to go live. In both cases, the air strike came as a surprise. There was no media festival pre-announcing the attacks, no declaration from Israel leaders about the Israel’s right to defend itself, by itself, against any threat , and certainly no military plan published before the fighters took off. In fact, the story about the bombing of the Syrian reactor was not exposed until more than three years later.
The current media festival around Israel allegedly imminent attack on Iran brings to mind another media festival which occurred before and during the First Gulf War, on 1990-1991.

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Why a Nuclear-Armed Iran Must be Stopped – in Benjamin Netanyahu’s Words

Israel's prime minister

Benjamin Netanyahu

In today’s raging debate on whether Israel should and will strike Iran, it is important to keep in mind the root of the problem: why a nuclear-armed Iran is a danger not only to Israel but to the entire world, why Iran’s nuclear program must be stopped. Benjamin Netanyahu dedicated his speech in AiPAC Policy Conference on March this year to the subject. Reading it again, it sounds more relevant than ever. Here is a partial transcript of the speech:

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Tonight, I’d like to talk to you about a subject that no one has been talking about recently…: Iran.
Every day, I open the newspapers and read about these redlines and these timelines. I read about what Israel has supposedly decided to do, or what Israel might do.
Well, I’m not going to talk to you about what Israel will do or will not do, I never talk about that. Continue reading

Making a difference – Fighting media Bias against Israel

An Honest Reporting Infographics demonstrating  how to fight Media Bias

Infograhics by Honest Reporting

I don’t know about you, but I can tell you that many times I hesitated to act for causes near and dear to my heart because I didn’t believe I, as an individual, can make a difference. So here is a true story from HonestReporting about how individuals can make a difference in fighting the media bias against Israel. Continue reading

Norway Official Proposes Alternative to Circumcision

 Norway is following in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland’s anti-circumcision footsteps. If this trend continues, Jews who want to practice their religion will be forced out of certain parts of Europe.

According to an article in Haaretz: Continue reading

Shooting in Sikh Temple in Wisconsin. Twitter provides live update

Less than four weeks after the Aurora shooting, another mass murder occurred Sunday, this time in a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where a gunman shot six before being shot.Those of us on twitter followed live updates tweeted by @sikhactivist. The first tweet arrived on Aug-5, 10:07am: Continue reading

Munich 1972 – London 2012 and the Social Media

Munich 1972 – Israel delegation entering the Olympic Stadium 27 years after the Holocaust.

London 2012 – The Israeli delegation entering the Olympic Stadium.

The London 2012 games are underway after a spectacular opening ceremony in the Olympic Stadium directed by Danny Boyle.

The opening show celebrated  everything British – from the industrial revolution to the National Health System, Mr. Bean, James Bond and the British Pop Music.

I was glued to the TV for almost for 3 hours in anticipation for the entrance of the Israeli delegation. The entrance of the Israeli delegation was much anticipated after the endless posts in the Social Media urging the International Olympic Committee to accept the request of the families of the Victims of Munich Massacre to hold an official moment of silence at the Games opening ceremony commemorating the 11 Israeli Athletes murdered in the Olympic Village in Munich by Palestinian Terrorists. Continue reading

Is Obama good for Israel? A New Poll

Post Updated on July 29, 2012 at 10:28pm CST

Barack Obama signed a US Israel Security Bill

Barack Obama. Is he good for Israel?

President Obama signed a bill enhancing US-Israel security cooperation Friday. He also announced $70 million additional funding for Israel’s Iron Dome short-range missile defense system. The Iron Dome will help Israel protect its citizens from rocket attacks from Gaza and Lebanon.

Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the US, expressed Israel’s appreciation and gratitude:

The Enhanced Security Cooperation Act sends an unequivocal message of support to the people of Israel at a time of great uncertainty throughout the entire Middle East & reminds the region of the unbreakable bond between our two nations.  Continue reading