Jewish Humor – Confessions of a Jewish Mother

What are the two most highlighted characteristics of the.stereotypical Jewish Mother? Constant worrying, and constant complaining.  Here is a wonderful humorous video about Jewish Mother’s worrying and complaining, delivered by a 91.5 years old (!) Jewish Mother.

A lot of thanks to my friend Iriit Jacobson for sending the link.

Jewish Mother Jokes

JAM? Jewish American Mom? Like in  JAP? Jewish American Princess?

And that’s why you’re calling your blog Really Mom?

You don’t want to associate yourselves with JAPs. There are so many bad jokes about JAPs.

This from my sixteen year old daughter.

Yes, there are a lot of jokes about JAPs but not as many as there are about the Jewish Mother.

According to Wikipedia, the Jewish Mother ” stereotype generally involves a nagging, overprotective manipulative, controlling,

In New York Stories, Woody Allen’s overbearing mother appears in heaven only to embarrass him in front of the entire city of New York

smothering, and overbearing mother or wife, one who persists in interfering in her children’s lives long after they have become adults.” We object to the manipulative and controlling, but we admit to the nagging and overprotective, and we look forward to remaining in our children’s lives long after they become adults. Also, we want to remind you all that everything that we do, we do for our children’s well-being. We never, ever, think about ourselves… Continue reading

Becoming a Jewish Mother

Menorah and a Torah Scroll - Main Jewish Symbols

I  became a Jewish mother when my first son was born over twenty years ago but I didn’t fully absorb being a Jewish mother until much, much later.

One beautiful Saturday afternoon, as our firstborn, six months old at a time, was taking a nap, my husband and I were watching TV. The window was open and the sounds of children playing in the yard drifted into our room. Continue reading